In Vivo Neurophysiology

February 2020

Eline Mertens joins the lab as PhD student to study the organizational principles of human microcircuits!

Welcome Eline!!

November 2019

Roel de Haan succesfully defends his PhD thesis on "Millivolts to movement. Electrophysiological studies on cortical coding and behavior."

Dr. de Haan is continuing his career as software engineer at the NZA (Dutch Healthcare Authority).

Congratulations, Roel!!!

September 2019

Manuscript published in Journal of Neuroscience:

Functional Architecture and Encoding of Tactile Sensorimotor Behavior in Rat Posterior Parietal Cortex

Hemanth Mohan, Roel de Haan, et al,

April 2019

Joshua Obermayer succesfully defends his PhD thesis on "Cholinergic Modulation of Microcircuits in the Cortex."

Dr. Obermayer is continuing his career as Business developer/Project manager at Sylics.

Congratulations, Joshua!!!

October 2018

Manuscript published in Frontiers in Neural Circuits

Neural representation of context and behavioral adaptation in rat medial prefrontal cortex during learned behavior

Roel De Haan, Judith Lim, Sven A. van der Burg, Anton W. Pieneman, Vinod Nigade, Huib D. Mansvelder and Christiaan P J De Kock

September 2017

Manuscript published in Cerebral Cortex

Comprehensive Morpho-Electrotonic Analysis Shows 2 Distinct Classes of L2 and L3 Pyramidal Neurons in Human Temporal Cortex.

Yair Deitcher, et al

de Haan et al, Fig.1


Illustration by Nicolas Antille,

Blue Brain Project, EPFL.

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