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Open Positions


Inquiries from talented and motivated graduate and undergraduate students to work on various aspects of our research are invited to apply. 


Please send an email to:[at] to discuss the options. 

Selection of previous internship topics:


Bachelor projects:

* Physiological characteristics of cortical pyramidal and interneurons

* Neuron morphology of the human cortex - Functional and morphological properties of human pyramidal neurons across cortical layers


Master projects:

*Single-unit activity in the rat medial prefrontal cortex in vivo:

A comparison between layers 2/3 and 5.

*Layer- and cell-type-specific representation of tactile information in the rat PPC


Literature thesis:

* The Conscious Connectome Conundrum - Modeling the human brain

* Neuronal research on human tissue: morphology and physiology

Christiaan de Kock (PI)[at]


Sarah Hunt (post-doc)

March2020 (L->R): Jean, Chris, Nine, Djai, Sarah, Eline, René, Femke 

Jean Pie (PhD-student)


(together with Cyriel Pennartz, UvA)

Eline Mertens (PhD-student)

Rene Wilbers (PhD-student)


(together with Huib Mansvelder, VU)

Djai Heyer (PhD-student)


(together with Huib Mansvelder, VU)

Alumni Scientific Staff

Anton Pieneman

Rajeev Narayanan (postdoc)

present address:CEASAR, Bonn

Brendan Lodder (technician)

Roel de Haan (PhD-student)


Vinod Nigade (research assistant)

Atilla Vrasdonk

(research assistant)

Romy Aardse

(research assistant)

Zimbo  (PhD-student),

graduated April 2015

present address: Elsevier Publisher

Keerthi Kumar (PhD-student)


Suman Das (post-doc)


Hemanth Mohan (PhD-student)


present address:

Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA

(prof. Josh Huang lab)

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