In Vivo Neurophysiology

Luchicchi et al Front Neural Circuits 2016

Collaborating Labs

Eyal et al, ELife 2016

Narayanan et al CerebCtx 2015

With the lab of Huib Mansvelder, we are investigating the (sub)cellular structure of adult human neurons across all layers of temporal cortex in conjunction with the investigation of neurophysiological properties of human neurons. In addition, we study the cortical microcircuit in rodents.

With the lab of Marcel Oberlaender, we are building a comprehensive in silico model of the rat somatosensory (barrel) cortex to understand the mechanistic principles underlying sensory-guided behavior (gap-crossing). In our lab in Amsterdam, we record functional responses across cortical layers and behavioral states (anaesthetized versus awake & passive versus active touch). In Tuebingen, the recorded neurons are 3D reconstructed and registered into a standardized framework to allow detailed computational modelling of signal flow during sensory processing.

Our lab has a long-standing collaboration with prof.dr. Bert Sakmann and his lab to elucidate the organizational principles of neuronal circuits in the cerebral cortex that form the basis of simple behavior (gap-crossing). The focus of this collaboration is to record from single neurons in cortical and subcortical brain areas in awake, behaving rats to determine their function during behavior. 

With the lab of prof.dr. Idan Segev, we are collaborating to use his expert knowledge on detailed computational models to study the link  between structure and function of rodent and human neurons (for instance, Eyal et al, JNeurosci 2014, Eyal et al, ELife 2016). 

Our research is supported by generous grants from Hersenstichting Nederland, NWO, ENC-network (Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Program), Marie Curie (FP7 - Initial Training Program) and  the Amsterdam Brain  & Mind  Project.

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